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Entrepreneur Visa

Do you want to start a business in Taiwan? Do you know you can stay in Taiwan with Entrepreneur Visa?
An entrepreneur visa is a type of visa other than Resident, Work, Student, or Tourist Visa. It is issued to foreign nationals that wish to stay in Taiwan aside from working in a company or studying. With an entrepreneur visa, you can receive an initial 1 to 2-year residency with multiple entries.
Applying for this visa is not as difficult as you think! Meet only 1 out of 6 criteria, and then you can start to prepare your documents, submit and wait for the approval!
CrossBond is a certified incubator that is qualified to provide an entrepreneur visa. So, contact us via email at [email protected] or slide to our dm for any inquiries regarding entrepreneur visas. We can assist you from the beginning until the submission process!

The Entrepreneur's Manual

Based on the past counseling accumulated experiences, we have compiled a handbook that focuses on the problems and related issues faced by ASEAN-India talents in starting business in Taiwan, such as : visa, company establishment, accounting, law, intellectual property, etc., as well as successful counseling cases.

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