「Exploring the Future of Aging-Tech Forum」 Design

Visual Design

CrossBond is delighted to assisted IAPS in the visual design of the “Exploring the Future of Aging-Tech Forum” at InnoVEX 2024!

This forum focuses on innovative solutions under the global challenge of a rapidly aging population. According to the National Development Council, by 2025, Taiwan is expected to have one elderly person (aged 65 and above) for every five people on average annually, highlighting one of Taiwan’s significant challenges in global aging.

As a leading country in aging demographics, emerging solutions have become critical to national development. Our design concept integrates professionalism, innovation, and elements of aging. We chose purple as the primary color, symbolizing the profound wisdom of the elderly and reflecting the vitality and innovation brought by technology. Moreover, we utilized white lines resembling technological veins, symbolizing our commitment and pursuit of innovative technology.

These design elements are not only as a visually present but also symbolize our response and commitment to the challenges of future aging society. We are glad to be part of this forum, gathering more innovative thinking, bringing new possibilities and hope for social development.

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