2020 Thailand Corporate Innovation Summit

2020 Thailand Corporate Innovation Summit

Corporate Innovation Summit 2020(CIS) is a 3-day international innovation activity held by RISE. It is the biggest innovation exhibition in Thailand with everything virtual. To increase 1% GDP of the ASEAN region, the event incorporated outstanding international corporations, eye-catching Thai companies, and governmental agencies. There were more than 100 interactive international workshops, 200 world-class speakers, and over 150 startup showcases. The event focused on five topics: Corporate Innovation, Future of Work, Deep Technology, Creative Innovation, and Social Innovation and Sustainability.

Due to the pandemic this year, CIS 2020 was postponed to September, shifting from a physical exposition to an online virtual gathering. After logging into the online system, participants would see the map of the venue with visualized buttons that would guide them directly to various activity. There were four main exhibition areas: 1) Main Stage: a room where international corporate speakers give speeches, 2) Workshop Arena: a room where top international consultants and unicorns hold interactive activities, 3) Startup Stage: a room where startups from Global Accelerator Program give demos, 4) Innovation Exhibition: a room where users could interact directly with booths from international corporates, startups, and incubation centers. In addition, international participants in different time zones could easily check the schedule of each activity as the local time in Thailand was shown on the interface.

Other than holding the daily opening and closing ceremonies, the activities in the Main Stage room were mainly speeches given by over 100 world-class speakers from international corporates, industries, and startups. Some speakers include the CHRO from Airbnb, the deputy of VC from BCG, the founder of WIX, the CTO from Netflix, etc. Each speech was around 20 to 40 minutes.

In the Workshop Arena, five to six workshops take place at the same time and are all about 60 to 90 minutes long. Participants could make a reservation for the event that they are interested in after checking the time and place of the workshop. As soon as the workshop started, attendants could join the workshop on Zoom by clicking the joining button. The themes of the workshops were more technical and focused on certain topics such as IP arrangement for startups, corporate sustainability & transformation, users’ emotions in UX design, management and KPI tracking methods from CVCs, product development in sharing economy platforms, etc. In workshops, speakers would also apply certain online interactive platforms for prompt Q&A to generate real-time interactive graphs.

Startup Stage was a stage for startups from 2020 Global Accelerator Program to showcase their past achievements. There were 34 international startup participants in the accelerator program this year. on Sep. 15, each team had a five-minute demo. The 4 main categories of the participated teams this year included AI tech, food tech, agri-tech, and biotech. In addition to startup demos, some prominent international startups came to share their innovative tools and solutions as well.

In the Innovation Exhibition, visitors could interact with every participating organization by clicking their booths. The exhibition area was divided into three main areas: Enterprise Hall, Growth Area (A/B area), and Starter Area (A/B area). Each booth provided an essential brief introduction in text, contact information, link to official website, external cloud data, and introduction videos. Taking advantage of “Chat with Booth” tool to chat and interact with the company, visitors gained more insights and created a genuinely real-time online exhibition experience.

With interactive chatroom on the interface, participants could interact with others and introduce their organizations with a brief intro and contact info similar to most online conference rooms. The CIS host would also provide related links and reminders for the upcoming activities.

STARTBOARD is truly honored to become an activity partner with CIS 2020, the biggest CIS activity in Thailand, and collaborated with numerous international corporates and startups. During this 3-day activity, we learned, thrived, and exchanged ideas with 4,000 organizations from 45 countries. Aside from the summit this year, we believe more and more industries will seize the chance to integrate new technology and grow fast via digital transformation due to the impact of COVID-19. IN addition, the ongoing development of 5G Internet and lockdown limitations with border control will urge more international exhibitions and summits to transform into online interaction. To adapt to the new lifestyle in the post-pandemic era, online virtual interactive technology enables people to interact and exchange information simultaneously, breaking the physical limits of distance and reducing physical exposure or crowd gathering.


CrossBond Brand Consultant Founder / CEO Uniform Zhi-Fu Lin

Blog posted on IEIT: https://startup.sme.gov.tw/NewsContent/296

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