2023 H.Spectrum+ Accelerator Healthy Phoenix Program in Thailand

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CrossBond lands in Thailand, partnering with overseas collaborators to hold a program briefing

CrossBond is honored to become the international cooperation partner of H.Spectrum+, a health-focused international accelerator under the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (Foxconn) and the Yong Ling Foundation. For this program, CrossBond has also connected with overseas partners, including Green Rocket, a local incubation center, and Beacon Venture Capital, to organize the overseas briefing in Thailand.
We believe that brand establishment, event planning and execution, public relations, and marketing design are all part of storytelling. Through CrossBond’s key resources, we integrate the energy of event planning and execution, marketing design and promotion, VIP and team invitations, and project coordination to assist in the organization of this overseas briefing.

Partnering with H.Spectrum+ Accelerator to connect Thailand’s startup energy

This exchange event aims to promote the development of the startup ecosystem between Taiwan and the international community, enhance cooperation and exchange, and jointly create a new wave of entrepreneurship in Asia. It injects powerful momentum into regional economic development.
The event will be held at the K+Building operated by KBANK, the fourth largest bank in Thailand, and will attract participation from over 20 Thai startup teams, investors, scholars, industry representatives, and more. The event will also showcase products and services from excellent Thai startups, while sharing technological innovation and market insights from Taiwan with the Taiwanese delegation, facilitating mutual learning and growth between Taiwan and Thailand.

Exploring new opportunities for international talent in the industry with a renowned Thai YouTuber and university professor

We are honored to have exchanges with renowned YouTubers and university professors from the Thai startup community. The professors expressed that Thailand has abundant talent resources and innovation potential, especially in areas such as technology, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, where many outstanding entrepreneurs and professionals exist. These local talents not only possess strong technical capabilities but also demonstrate excellent market insights and innovative business models.
Throughout the incubation and guidance process, we have always believed that “talent” is a crucial cornerstone for companies to advance internationally. This exchange with the professors further highlights the potential and value of cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand. Both parties recognize that by sharing soft power talents and collaborative resources, they will be able to achieve the goal of innovative development together, injecting more vitality and opportunities into the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

H.Spectrum+ Accelerator, CrossBond, Green Rocket, and Taipei Co-space sign a MOU for collaboration, connecting international startup resources

We are grateful for the participation of our partner, GreenRocket, a Thailand-based incubator focusing on green technology. They cooperate with various industry investors in Thailand, providing not only financial assistance to enterprises but also market advisory guidance.
CrossBond also signed a MOU to start a comprehensive cross-border collaboration with H.Spectrum+ Accelerator, Green Rocket, and Taipei CoSpace. The achievement of this important milestone will bring new opportunities for the development of the industry ecosystem in Taiwan and Thailand, and explore the development prospects of both countries together.

Apply H.Spectrum+ Healthy Phoenix Program Now!

Our programme provides startups with strategy and tactics, venture capital, and assistance for prototype development and manufacturing cost reduction. We welcome startups from the healthcare industry, including biotech, medical equipment, functional medicine, AI for smart healthcare, and more.
But that’s not all! This year, we are also opening our doors to medical school students, residents, visiting attending, and nurses whose backgrounds are healthcare-related. If you have an amazing idea but haven’t registered a company yet, we encourage you to submit your big idea or business plan right now!
2023 H.Spectrum+ is the largest global accelerator program welcoming international startups from all around the world ! We are excited to welcome startups from all over Southeast Asia to participate. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your healthcare startup to new heights. The registration period is only until the end of June 2023, so act fast!
-Registration Time:2023/4/20~2023/6/30
-Registration URL:https://forms.gle/o3qPMqZF6sGoCpKs8
-Notes for selection:https://reurl.cc/2WkdYE

If you have any questions, please contact us
-Email:[email protected]
-Web&Social Media:https://linktr.ee/crossbondofficial

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