2023 New Taipei City Entreprise Southbound Seminar

CrossBond, in collaboration with the New Taipei City Government, recently organized the “”New Taipei City Enterprise Southbound Seminar” which gathered companies from various industries interested in expanding into the Southeast Asian market. The event focused on explaining the complexities of entering the Southeast Asian market and emphasized the significance of recruiting talents from the region in Taiwan.

Aligned with the New Southbound Policy initiated by the Taiwanese government, this strategic approach aims to enhance economic cooperation with countries in the southbound direction, offering appealing opportunities driven by strong economies, cost-effective labor, and favorable investment policies.

The event consisted of three informative sessions, led by the CEOs of CrossBond and Turing Chain, discussing strategies for talent acquisition and the strategic framework for cross-cultural teams. Through this event, we aim to convey the message that hiring Southeast Asian talent is not difficult and that CrossBond is readily available to provide assistance.

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