2023 Taiwan-Philippines Business Investment Forum

2023 Taiwan-Philippines Business Investment Forum🇹🇼🇵🇭

This event is a collaborative effort between the century-old Philippines company, Aboitiz Group, and Sheng Kai International Group. 
CrossBond is privileged to be a part of this event, promoting the Philippines as a prime investment destination. 

Beyond its strategic location in Asia and outstanding investment facilitation, the Philippines boasts PEZA ecozones that offer an unparalleled ecosystem for investors. Taiwan has consistently been a leading foreign investor, and this influx of investment has created 1.8 million jobs, presenting new opportunities for Filipinos in Taiwan to bridge enterprises between both countries. Filipinos’ proficiency in English enhances their market competitiveness. 

Through this Forum, we gain further insights into market conditions, and as Crossbond, we are committed to support Filipino talent, providing them opportunities to showcase their skills and contribute to the economic growth of both Taiwan 

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