2024 CrossBond Spring Party

Crossbond successfully unites all 8 Nations, Celebrates 8 Years of Fostering Community in Taiwan in this party event. 

Unlike previous gatherings, The Spring Party embraced a fresh format designed to celebrate the rich diversity of our community. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with VIPs from 8 countries, forge new friendships, share stories about their hometowns, and explore avenues for collaboration. This event perfectly encapsulates CrossBond’s mission: Discover, Connect, and Make it happen! 

In its eighth year, CrossBond takes great pride in maintaining its commitment to fostering a diverse community in Taiwan. To celebrate this journey, we have organized The CrossBond Spring Party—an enchanting evening of friendship, joy, and networking, bringing together eight nations in one harmonious gathering.

The event was graced by the presence of 90 esteemed guests representing Embassy officials, government organizations, entrepreneurs, influencers, and student leaders from 8 countries, including Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

CrossBond stands as a beacon of connection, providing a platform for growth, exchange, and mutual support. CrossBond has played a pivotal role in the Southeast Asian and Indian markets for many years, serving as an incubator, talent exchange platform, marketing platform, and above all, a community. 

Overall, the event has left a lasting impact on all guests, resonating with the spirit of unity and collaboration. Regardless of what the future holds, CrossBond remains steadfast in its commitment to unlocking boundless opportunities and nurturing meaningful connections across borders.

Special Thanks to:

“Ng Sze Han, Member of the Selangor State Executive Council”

“Betty Hu, The Deputy Director-General of the Administration for Digital Industries of MInistry of Digital Affairs”

“Anthony, Trade Representative and Director for Commercial Affairs of Philippine Trade and Investment Center Taipei, Director of Commercial Affairs of Manila Economic and Cultural Office”

“Herdi Arman Putra, Analyst of Investment Department of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office in Taipei”

“Lianghsun Huang, GM of Pili International Multimedia”

“Kyel Chen, Chief Community Builder of Meet & Web3+ Business Next Media”

“Action Cho, CSO of AviviD”

“Varoon Varanyanond, CEO of BioNext”

“Francis Lui, Founder & CEO of NEXLAW PTY LTD”

“Alan, CBO & Co-Founder of EasyStore”

“Dr. Kev Lim, CEO of Qmed Asia”

“Joy Chang, Manager of EZTABLE”

“Poonyapat, Co-Founder & CEO of Heal and Soul Technology”

“Le Trong Nghia, Vice President of VIN Taiwan “

“Jonathan De Luzuriaga, President and Member of the Board of Directors of PSIA”

“Calen Legaspi, Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of Capability Development Committee, PSIA”

“Ramil Villanueva, Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of International Relations Committee, PSI”

“Yong Kai Ping,  CEO of Selangor Information Technology & Digital Economy Corporation”

“Joe Lee, Board Member of Spring Valley Tech Corp”

“Angus Yu, CBO of MDIG Group & Japan committee member of  OCAC”

“Su-Wei Chang, Founder & President of TMY Technology “

“Napapatch Piyachaiyakul, CEO of Songna “

“Daryll, Chief Executive Officer of BorQ”

“Kevin Chiang, Vice President of AviviD “

“Steve Wan, CEO of RewardinMe”

“Kakanand Srungboonmee, Assistant Professor of Center of Data Mining and Biomedical Information in MAHIDOL UNIVERSITY”

“Dinesh Kumar, Regional Chairman Asia of Indio Foreign Business Council

India Operation Manager of MORGLORY “

“Krit, CEO of iFlow”

“Tukta Wong, CMO of Green Rocket “

“Bernie Law, Co-Founder & CPO of NEXMIND AI”

“Tina, CEO of Taipei Co-Space”

“Julien Huang, PR Manager of MyTaiwanTour”


“Su-Wei Chang, Founder & President of TMY Technology “

“Sfone Chou, COO of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association”

“Clark Su, Secretary General of Taiwan Venture Capital Association”

“Rendra Sipahutar, Relationship Manager of BRI “

“Patrick Chen, Thailand Representative of Kenmec”

“Iman, President of YIPA Taiwan & Project Assistant Professor of NTUST”

“Chiang Cheng Yu, Director of Social Innovation lab “

“Anita, Chief of International Affairs at Taipei Computer Association “

“Ruby, Vice-President of NTUST VSA”

“Henry Hsieh, Secretary of Deputy Director General of India Taipei Association “

“Dinesh Kumar, Regional Chairman Asia of Indio Foreign Business Council & India Operation Manager of MORGLORY “

“William Hsu, Key Account Director of TCM Biotech International Corp “

“Trin Rukiravanich, CEO of BetterFly”

“Shih-En Chou, CEO of QSearch”

“Hathaikarn Manuspiya, CTO of BioNext”

“WanJu Yang, CEO of JoAn Vision”

“Eyleen, HR Manager of Turing Chain”

“Zi Wei Liu, Manager  of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association”

“Chin-Chang Chen, Founder & CEO of Dentall”

“Qian Rui Lin, Manager of Keding Enterprises”

“Vanessa, Travel Content Creator from Indonesia”

“Laurell Olina, President of PERPITA”

“Jason, Indonesian Influencers in Taiwan”

“Rosyid Shidig, President of PPI Taiwan”

“Ronald Castillo, President of Association of Filipino Scholars in Taiwan”

“Titi, Vice President of TMU VSA”

“Lisa Nguyen, Vice President of TMU VSA”

“Ye Yint Aung, A postgraduate student from Myanmar at NTUST”

“Aye Chan Phyu, Myanmar Post Graduate Student of NTUST”

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