2024 Hiring and Retaining Overseas Compatriot Student Information Session for Enterprises in Kaohsiung

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After Taipei and Taichung, this time The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) and Crossbond have collaborated to organize the “2024 Hiring and Retaining Overseas Compatriot Student Information Session for Enterprises” in Kaohsiung.

Following the success of ‘2024 Hiring and Retaining Overseas Compatriot Student Information Session for Enterprises“ held in Taipei and Taichung before, this time we also went to Kaoshiung. 

Vice Chairman Lu Yuanrong of the OCAC also attended and expressed the importance of cross-cultural and multilingual advantages that overseas compatriot students have. He hopes that after graduation, overseas compatriot students can stay and work in Taiwan, and that businesses can hire them in a friendly manner, thereby increasing the competitiveness of Taiwanese society.

Since 2014, approximately 48,000 overseas and foreign students have stayed in Taiwan for employment, of which about 21,000 are overseas compatriot students. This indicates that many companies favor overseas compatriot students. As CrossBond have been deeply engaged in the ASEAN and Indian market, we have never stop to encourage students to find best of them and continued to continue their career in Taiwan.

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