2024 Hiring and Retaining Overseas Compatriot Student Information Session for Enterprises

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OCAC and Crossbond are partnering to host the 2024 Hiring and Retaining Overseas Compatriot Student Information Session for Enterprises.

The first session was held In GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center on March 2024. In Taipei, over 160 companies gathered, alongside representatives from key government bodies to share the regulations and procedures for working with overseas Chinese students in Taiwan.

OCAC, Crossbond & Taiwan Enterprises

Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan’s Educational System

Ms. Chia-Ching Hsu, Deputy Minister of OCAC, highlighted the importance of overseas Chinese students in Taiwan’s educational system. She pointed out the continuous growth in their population, which is attributed to government initiatives and the growth of local school admissions.

Ms. Chia-Ching Hsu said that in the future, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Council will continue to cooperate with the National Development Council, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Ministry of the Interior National Immigration to provide more incentives to stay in Taiwan, including continuing to relax or even cancel the evaluation system and extending the period for overseas Chinese graduates to find jobs in Taiwan.

Expansion of Cultivation and Retention of Overseas Compatriot Students Program

The Overseas Community Affairs Council, in collaboration with the National Development Council’s “Strengthening Population and Immigration Policies,” has initiated the “Expansion of Cultivation and Retention of Overseas Compatriot Students Program.” This program employs four key approaches: Cultivating Talent Sources, Expanding Enrollment, In-school Counseling, Employment Counseling. 

Seeking Employment in Taiwan 

For students who wish to stay in Taiwan and find a job after graduation, they must apply to the Immigration Agency for a residency permit under the reason of “Seeking Employment in Taiwan.” It is necessary for foreign students themselves to make this claim in person to receive the appropriate residency permit. If there are any questions regarding residency permit applications, individuals can consult the service hotline.

Representative from Ministry of the Interior National Immigration

Attracting International Talents, Cultivating International Excellence

Ministry of Economic Affairs – Bureau of Foreign Trade provide Contact Taiwan a platform for the Taiwanese enterprises to recruit foreign professionals, with over 2,000 Taiwanese companies and more than 20,000 global talents currently registered. Contact Taiwan also participates in campus job fairs to attract international talents to stay in Taiwan. The goals is to Attracting International Talents, Cultivating International Excellence. 

Representative from Ministry of Economic Affairs

New System for Evaluating Overseas Compatriot Students

Since the establishment of the “New System for Evaluating Overseas Compatriot Students’ Employment in Taiwan” by the Ministry of Labor in July 2014 until the end of 2023, the number of overseas compatriot students working in Taiwan has reached 17,025, with 15,414 using the evaluation system, accounting for 89% of the total. Currently, the evaluation system is a major trend for overseas compatriot students to stay and work in Taiwan.

Applying for a work permit is actually not difficult

Isaac Yong, Co-founder & CEO of Canaan Project

In this session also invited Isaac Yong to share his experience in employment and entrepreneurship in Taiwan for 16 years. Isaac Yong is one of the first batch of overseas Chinese students to stay in Taiwan through the evaluation system. “Applying for a work permit is actually not difficult.” He gave examples of things to note when applying for a work permit, and reminded overseas Chinese students to obtain a labor permit letter before they can officially go to work to protect their rights.

2024 Hiring and Retaining Overseas Compatriot Student Information Session for Enterprises in Taipei concluded successfully with representatives from many industries participating to jointly develop the value and potential of overseas Chinese students.

As a lot of companies want to expand business and open the door to the international market, both OCAC and CrossBond who believe in the strength of overseas chinese in their international vision, language advantage, they will the best partner for the internationalization of enterprises!

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