Another Indonesian Students Association Signing the MOU, Welcome NTUSTISA!

CrossBond X NTUST ISA🇮🇩

With the ink still fresh on the MOU, we’re stepping into an exhilarating new chapter. This celebration marks the launch of an exciting journey, centered around unearthing the hidden gems within the National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyIndonesia Student Association (NTUST ISA). 

Their upcoming plans involve weaving together an enchanting tapestry of events, seamlessly aligned with CrossBond’s mission of nurturing connections. As enthusiastic partners, we’re more than ready to roll up our sleeves and breathe life into these incredible ideas. This collaboration holds the promise of crafting richer experiences and illuminating pathways to success for both the brilliant students and dynamic businesses involved. We extend heartfelt gratitude for the opportunities that have paved the way to this moment, and we’re positively charged for the voyage that lies ahead.✨

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