FUISA X CrossBond MOU Signing

CrossBond X FUISA is signing MOU

This event marks an exhilarating milestone as we formally seal our commitment through the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding. This moment signifies the commencement of an exciting expedition, one dedicated to the discovery and cultivation of the uncharted talents within the Fu Jen Indonesian Students Association. 

As collaborative partners, we are genuinely eager to contribute our support and expertise to bring these remarkable concepts to fruition. CrossBond carries the potential to generate more enriching experiences and brighter prospects for both students and enterprises.

This MOU signing is not merely a symbolic gesture; it is the inauguration of a journey characterized by collaboration, growth, and the expansion of our horizons. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the opportunities that have led us to this juncture and eagerly anticipate the transformative path ahead. Together, let’s embark on this remarkable adventure and make it an indelible chapter in our shared journey!

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