Celebrating The Republic Day of India

2024 India’s Republic Day 🇮🇳

On January 26, 1950, India embraced its constitution, officially declaring itself as the Republic of India. The constitution’s main objective was to guarantee justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity to every citizen of the nation.

CrossBond is delighted to have the opportunity to join in the celebration of this significant occasion and interact with many of our Indian friends. India stands as the world’s fifth-largest economy, exhibiting a steady growth rate of over 7%. A significant contributing factor to this growth is India’s vast workforce, surpassing 522 million individuals, making it the largest globally. 

India’s young and specialized talent pool, with approximately 1.5 million graduates annually, particularly in the field of engineering, further bolsters its economic prowess. More than 3,000 Indian students focusing on engineering degrees, have availed themselves of this opportunity. This positive collaboration in the field of education reflects the shared aspiration of both India and Taiwan to foster innovation. 

CrossBond is thrilled to be a part of this event and excited to connect with these amazing friends from India!

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