CrossBond is joining one of the biggest Tech exhibition in Asia. It is a wonderful experience to be able to take part in COMPUTEX 2024 at Nangang Exhibition Center. This big exhibition connects tech companies and startups around the world by featuring the latest tech trends including AI Computing, Advanced Connectivity, Future Mobility, Immersive Reality.

This year, the exhibition focuses on “Connecting AI” as the main theme. There were 1,500 companies from 36 countries participated in the exhibition, using 4,500 booths. The organizers expect to attract 50,000 domestic and international industry experts to visit. In this opportunity, CrossBond are very honored to be able to take part and contribute in this tech industry especially for the startups ecosystem.

During the event, we met a lot of Southeast Asian Startups. We are very excited to see a group of Indonesian startups company that came to Taipei for the exhibitions. This has become a proof to us on how they are showing Southeast Asian passion in startups. We were also connecting with the New Head of Investment of Indonesian Economic and Trade office in Taipei, Mr. Eko Wijanarko.

CrossBond has always been dedicating to support startups, early-stage businesses, and talented individuals who may face limited access to resources. Participating in this event is a form of our commitment in creating this startup ecosystem yet, through our lens, the surge of these startup has put the importance of Southeast Asian & Indian talents as the top priority of our talent community. We hope with this commitment, we could create a better startup ecosystem and talent community.

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