CrossBond x NTUST

Visiting Assistant Professor, Duc-Thang Vo & Project Assistant Professor, Iman Adipurnama at NTUST

CrossBond visited our two great friend at NTUST, Professor Doc-Thang Vo from Vietnam, and Professor Iman Adipurnama from Indonesia. Thet both chose to stay and work in Taiwan after completing their PHDs here, they are outstanding talents in the engineering department as an Assistant Professor in the university. During their time in Taiwan, they have also been actively helping their fellow friends who come to Taiwan to study. Furthermore, they have served as the president of the international student association, founded an international alumni association in Taiwan, and participated actively in community platforms to promote international exchange between Taiwan and Vietnam or Indonesia. As a Muslim, Iman himself even started a business with his friends to promote halal culture.

Their own experiences and their dedication to being role models made them deeply resonate with our talent program when we shared it with them, and they provided us their support and assistance. We are very happy to be able to work with such excellent friends on this path together. When our goals are aligned, we can surely achieve great success.

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