9 Social Media Channels that performs best in Taiwan

9 Social Media Channels that performs best in Taiwan

The digital landscape has been evolving continuously, and companies must keep track of current trends to survive in the market. Social Media is one of the Digital Marketing channels by which the business can quickly reach their targeted customers. Small and Medium-sized business uses social media as an effective medium to attract leads, promote brand awareness, and engage with their customers. In this article, we are going to see the best performing social media channels in Taiwan. Through this article, we can understand the user’s demographics and how we can utilize these social media platforms to drive growth for businesses in Taiwan.           

1. Instagram


Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms used in the present scenario. You can both post photos or short videos of your business and target them to your customers. It is intuitive rather than an informative platform. So the more unique your content is, the more followers you receive. According to the survey in the year 2016, 51% of internet users and 71% of youths aging 16-24 are using Instagram in Taiwan. Teenagers and youngsters aging 13 to 24 are engaging with the brand if they feel the contact is unique.

2. Facebook



Facebook usage in Taiwan has skyrocketed in recent years. About 19 million people are using this platform, which is about 79 percent of the entire population. People here use this platform for checking the shops, finding the events, and also buy or sell on Facebook, etc. There is an N number of ways to promote our business on Facebook, but usually, we do it by creating a fan page to develop our business. 18-44 years of age are the mainstream group using this platform, but there are also millions of users above 45 years of age using Facebook.

3. PTT

PTT is the most impactful online platform in Taiwan. On PTT, there are bullet boards of different topics, including CVS, gossips, politics, sports, literature, etc. It is so powerful that it can integrate youths for the social movement and regroup non-governmental powers. It is also used for entertainment purposes and to gossip about other information.  

At the peak time, there will be at most 150000+ people online, and most of them are at the age of 18-35. However, you directly can’t promote your products or service in PTT, as it might increase negativity. Customers or the general public will be the ambassadors who promote the brand using word of mouth marketing.

4. Dcard


Dcard is the biggest anonymous online community which is used by the young generation. It is more like a platform to share daily life rather than to promote products or services. The content discussed here is mostly related to life, especially schoolwork, current news, and affection. Dcard is similar to PTT, but it emphasizes more on linking with others. Most of the users are college students due to restrictions. 50.8% of users belong to ages 15 to 24, and there are about 42.5 thousand daily visitors visits Dcard. We can build brand awareness through word of mouth marketing in this platform.

5. Meteor



Meteor is a platform for students who is under 25 years of age, so the majority of the users are high school students. Meteor also has a bulletin board that contains topics like health, beauty, music, and food, etc. for discussion. It is also similar to Dcard to share your personal experience rather than promoting your product or service. You can build connections through this platform by word of mouth marketing.

6. YouTube


YouTube is the most used video-sharing platform in the world. It has one of the biggest audiences in Taiwan, and the people of 16-24 years of age, on average, spend 2.5 hours a day. It has also become the platform for all the age groups, as per research 40% people consisting of age 55-64 watched YouTube every day for 1.5 hours. Mostly the users reach out to this platform for viewing recreational content and also informative content as per their needs. So, YouTube is the best channel to promote services and products by casting ads or sponsoring You Tubers. In this way, it is possible to increase brand awareness and multiply the customer base.

7. Medium



Medium is an online publishing platform that consists of high-quality articles mostly related to commerce and personal growth. It has got a better user interface when compared to other publishing sites. People usually search these Medium articles via Google, Bing, or Yahoo engines. By posting on this platform, we can increase the click rates for our domain. Medium itself has a high domain authority and an inbuilt tool to view stats about your post. It doesn’t support external analytics tools like Google Analytics to track the performance.



PIXNET is a Taiwanese mobile photo sharing, blogging, and social networking service. Users can store pictures or create blogs and share them either publicly or privately on its website. It is one of the most informative blogs in Taiwan. The articles on PIXNET are usually long but quite resourceful. The blog articles posted here are diversified, from the record of restaurant experience to how to book a room in AGODA. So most of the users come here to know the user experience of using a product or service. People also search these articles through search engines. They will visit this platform to get detailed information about any product or service. Famous bloggers can be contacted to write an article about your brand and then post on this platform for good reach.

9. Mobile01


Mobile01 is a forum that focuses on mobile phones, mobile devices, 3C products (computing, communication, and consumer) and also introducing Taiwan’s tourist attractions. Alexa ranks this site 21 in Taiwan for 3C product information discussions. Members can also trade or barter in this platform with other users without any transaction fees. Most of the active users are men, and they post about 3C products, cars, and also share workplace experience. This platform is known for posting reviews after unboxing a product. So in this way, we can also influence consumer behaviour by hiring an influencer to review the product.

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