Exclusive Interview and Partnership with Business Today

Exclusive Interview and Partnership with Business Today: The Importance of Hiring ASEAN and Indian Talent
Business Today

CrossBond would like to express its sincere appreciation to Business Today for the insightful interview. We are grateful for the opportunity to not only share our vision and mission, but also discuss the market demands and opportunities for ASEAN and Indian talent to thrive.

We understand the importance of the crucial period in a talent’s career, which is typically one year before and after graduation. It is during this time that prime opportunities arise. However, once this prime time is over, there is a risk of losing these potential skilled talents as they may no longer be in Taiwan. While in fact, A lot of Taiwan’s enterprises need these talents. 

We are extremely grateful that Business Today is also interested in spreading this message to a larger audience as we share the same goal in bridging this gap. CrossBond has established a network that seamlessly connects the demands of both talent and companies. Our role goes beyond assisting Taiwanese enterprises in finding the right human resources; we also empower students by showing them that building a career in Taiwan is indeed possible, instilling confidence in their abilities. Additionally, their language skills and local cultural approach further enhance their prospects.

Thank you once again to Business Today for this opportunity, and we look forward to making a positive impact in the talent landscape.

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