Bridging Taiwan and Asia-Pacific economies teams to global market opportunities

With Mentor (mentorship), Enhance (enhancement of capabilities), Growth (business growth), and Achieve (shared cooperation) as the main theme, 2022 APICTA MEGA DAY event hopes to assist teams and talents with market expansion capability and innovative technology in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific economies.

Promoting overseas cooperation and business opportunities in the global stage

CrossBond is proud to announce its partnership with the Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda), Administration for Digital Industries, moda (ADI), and Taipei Computer Association (TCA) for the 2022 APICTA MEGA DAY event. This event offered Taiwanese startups a unique opportunity to interact directly with key stakeholders from government, industry, and investment sectors who are dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. This will enable startups to lead their teams towards greater collaboration opportunities and sales overseas.

Over the years, CrossBond has provided mentorship to over 60 startup teams, helping them in their growth journey. Through this experience, we have built important connections with top-tier investors, overseas partners, and diplomatic missions in ASEAN and India. We are thankful for the presence of many distinguished guests who will be participating in this event :

  • ADI, Deputy Director General, Mr. Lin Jiunn-Shiow
  • Thailand Trade and Economic Office – TTEO, Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Sunh Arunrugstichai
  • Malaysian Friendship and Trade Center, Director of Trade Division, Ms. Aninawati Saleh
  • India Taipei Association, Secretary of Deputy Director General, Mr. Henry Hsieh
  • Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Taipei, Executive Officer of Investment & Business Development, Mr. Terry Lin
  • BDO Unibank in Taipei, Chief Representative Officer, Mr. Lawrence Lou
  • BIDV in Taipei, Representative, Mr. Dao Duy Tan
  • Black Dragon Management Consulting Corp., Chairperson, Ms. Belinda Hsieh Ph.D
  • Maxceed Capital, Co-founder & IBF Financial Holdings, Board Director, Mr. Eric Yang
  • United Daily News Group, Investment Manager of Investment Management Section, Mr. Charles Liu
  • Smart Money Limited Partnership, Investment Director, Mr. Oliver Hsieh CFA
  • Wistron Corporation, Project Supervisor of CVC Office, Ms. Jennie Chien
  • BIG WHEEL SEEDBANK,Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Michael Chang
2022 APICTA MEGA DAY group photo with distinguished guests, accelerators, and startup teams

We also invited various domestic and international startup accelerators to share their resources and assistance including real case sharing by team representatives on leveraging the resources 
International :

  • 🇸🇬Singapore TembusuTech Innovation, Partner, Ms. Michelle Kung
  • 🇸🇬Evo Phancie
  • 🇲🇾BIG WHEEL SeedBank,Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Michael Chang
  • 🇲🇾Jobbuilder Talent, Founder & Managing Director, Ms. Jess Chia
  • 🇻🇳TAOStartup, President, Mr. Tran Phi Long,
  • 🇻🇳Cohost AI , CEO, Mr. Kim Pham

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