Grand Opening of Yushan Home

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Distinguished Guests Gather at the Grand Opening of Yushan Home. 

CrossBond is honored to participate in this momentous event and capture every memorable moment through both still and motion imagery. Yushan Home is a collaborative initiative among overseas Chinese alumni associations and organizations from Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Laos. Its mission is to provide a close-knit community for overseas Chinese students in Taiwan and other countries, assisting them in completing their studies, seamlessly integrating into Taiwanese society and the workforce, and contributing their knowledge to society while supporting their respective overseas communities. The event showcased spectacular cultural dance performances and welcomed esteemed dignitaries from various Southeast Asian countries, including Mayor Hou You-yi of New Taipei City, who participated in the unveiling ceremony to mark the establishment of the alliance.

Capturing Precious Moments Through the Lens

CrossBond, with its professional event photography services, captures the memorable moments of the opening ceremony and carefully edits and post-produces them to create an enchanting and unforgettable documentation of joy and inspiration. Through the power of visual storytelling, we effectively convey the mission and essence of Yushan Home, ensuring that the message is transmitted and perpetuated.
CrossBond is dedicated to providing support for Southeast Asian and Indian students in Taiwan, assisting them in their entrepreneurial and employment endeavors. We have established seamless communication channels and fostered close collaborations with student associations and even embassies of various countries. The establishment of Yushan Home further strengthens the support provided to overseas Chinese students in Taiwan. CrossBond is honored to collaborate with Yushan Home in facilitating more opportunities and platforms, enabling overseas Chinese students in Taiwan to pursue their dreams.

Guests in Attendance

• Malaysia Friendship and Trade Centre, Taipei, Representative, Ho Swee Peng
• Thailand Trade and Economic Office – TTEO, Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Sunh Arunrugstichai
• Vietnam Economic and Culture Office in Taipei, Representative, Chen Wen-chui
• Ministry of the Interior, Director Secretary, Zhang Wan-yi
• Overseas Community Affairs Council, Deputy Commissioner, Xu Jia-ze
• Legislator, Luo Mei-ling
• Legislator, Jiang Yong-chang
• Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Taipei (MayCham), Chairman, Dato’ Liu Kang-jie
• HTC, Co-founder, HT Cho
• NTOU-National Taiwan Ocean University, President, Hsu Tai-wen
• Yushan Home, Chairman, Zhou Yong-ming
• Yushan Home, Vice Chairman, Lin Qi-guo

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