III-Taiwan&Thailand Digital Trade Talent Cultivation 2023

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CrossBond lands in Thailand! Holds e-commerce exchange Event

CrossBond in Thailand ! CrossBond was entrusted by the Institute for Information Industry (III) to host the “Taiwan-Thailand Digital Trade Talent Cultivation 2023” in Thailand! The Taiwan-Thailand Digital Trade Talent Cultivation 2023, sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and organized by the Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI), and the Institute for Information Industry (III) be held at the 3-day Taiwan Expo in Thailand, inviting three groups of enterprises from Taiwan and representatives of the local government of Thailand to focus on the potential and business opportunities of cross-border e-commerce. We are honored to have invited three groups of enterprises from Taiwan and representatives from the Thai government to focus on the potential and business opportunities of cross-border e-commerce, and to build a closer cooperation network between the two Taiwan and Thailand.
We are honored to have our partners National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thai-Taiwan Business Association (TTBA), Pamu House, Green Rocket (Thailand Accelerator), NS SMART SUPPLY, and O2O Forum to participate in this event.

Unleashing the Potential, Exploring Prospects and Opportunities in Thai E-Commerce

National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) is committed to accelerating the development of science, technology and innovation in Thailand and working with domestic and international partners in academia, government, private industry to realize Thailand’s economic vision.
Ms. Sansanee Huabsomboon, Director, Business Innovation Center (BIC), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), who has extensive experience in science and technology and entrepreneurial mentoring, has assisted in the past with the incubation of many start-ups and has contributed the acceleration of R&D. In addition to incubation and technology transfering, NSTDA has published “The Box at the Young Proteins” program and has become a strategic partner with various organizations from around the world to promote outstanding start-up teams from various countries. In addition to incubation and technology transfer, NSTDA has also launched “The Box at the Young Proteins” program, which is a strategic partnership with international organizations in various countries to encourage the expansion of outstanding start-up teams and innovative technologies into Thailand. Regarding the e-commerce industry, Ms. Sansanee Huabsomboon shared that there are many excellent e-commerce related teams in Thailand, and welcome all field to join. NSTDA is glad to provide counseling and information on landing in Thailand, and welcome teams to explore the emerging opportunities brought by this fast-changing market together in Thailand.

The Future Is Now: Embrace Metaverse with iStaging

iStaging aims to help companies and brands go beyond physical spaces and products by creating immersive solutions that enable visualization and real-time interaction. It provides full-featured virtual showroom solutions, metaverse environment solutions, and AR hosting and creation.iStaging makes clients to create their own immersive experiences anytime, anywhere, without any coding or technical knowledge.
Mr. Alvin Huang, CSO of iStaging also shared during the event that iStaging has launched the “Meta Creator” AI enhanced solution, which provides more functionalities including the creation of virtual and gaming experiences. At the same time, Mr. Alvin Huang pointed out that iStaging is now looking to collaborate with local partners in Thailand and other countries to further enhance iStaging’s ecosystem and to maximize the potential of the meta-universe technology.

Adapting to the Taiwan E-Market: Business Strategies for Thai Companies

As Taiwan’s leading e-commerce platform, PChome has landed in Thailand to provide Taiwanese consumers with the opportunity to purchase Thai products. With over 6,000 products, PChomeThai offering a wide range of Thai snacks and must-have items at competitive prices, PChomeThai guarantees the sale of genuine products sourced directly from suppliers. From fragrances, cosmetics, bags, seaweed, honey, bird’s nest, and more, PChomeThai offers great value for money and a convenient overseas shopping experience, making it the top choice for consumers looking to purchase Thai products.
During the epidemic period, the e-commerce industry experienced significant growth in sales of all categories of products, including food and beverage and personal cleaning products, which ranked first and second in terms of sales. In addition, the sales of frozen food products increased by 14% during the epidemic period, which shows the rapid changes in the consumer market and trends.
Ms. Eva Lu, Management Associate of PChome Thailand Co., Ltd shared the two concerns of consumers in getting cross-border e-commerce platforms, which are product quality and cross-border logistics. At the same time, Ms. Eva Lu also shared the business model a of PChomeThai, the marketing strategy of Thai products in Taiwan, and so on, to analyze the cross-border expansion of PChomeThai.

Turn Offline Shoppers into Online Fans: Unlocking the Power of Smart Experience Marketing

take! provides Integrating smart vending machine with online platforms such as Line, Facebook, Wechat & private CRM systems, take! brings performance-based digital marketing technologies to retail brands and malls in physical world. take! helps to turn offline shoppers into online fans.
Mr. Jimmy Yiu, CEO of Take Martech, Inc., is a continuous entrepreneur in the digital industry, with many years of experience in building innovative services and entrepreneurship in e-commerce platforms, cross-border e-commerce, and virtual-reality integration in online applications. Mr, Jimmy You also shared the Take Martech experience marketing solutions, marketing strategic, and examples during the event, and is looking forward to enhancing cross-border exchanges and sharing of resources with the companies in Thailand.

Cross-border networking to encourage the exploration of business opportunities between the Taiwan & Thailand

Through the sharing of NSTDA and Taiwan’s outstanding enterprises, this event attracted more than 50 groups of Thai enterprises and participants, including Pakistani entrepreneurs in Thailand, KOLs in the field of science and technology innovation, etc., who shared with the speakers the business opportunities and trends between Taiwan and Thailand, and the integration of the cross-field, cross-nationality, and built a closer cooperation between the two countries!

Butterfly and e-commerce elements combined in the visual design

To create a distinctive visual for “Taiwan-Thailand Digital Trade Talent Cultivation 2023”, the butterfly, the key visual of the Taiwan Expo, is combined with e-commerce elements to promote cross-border exchanges between Taiwan and Thailand.
The butterfly symbolizes transformation and diversification, showing the new opportunities for cooperation between the two countries, it also combines e-commerce elements, with symbols such as the elements of e-commerce platforms and shopping bags, to express the modernity and innovation of cross-border e-commerce, and to bring new business models and market opportunities to the participants.

We are grateful for the trust of our partner, III, who entrusted CrossBond to organize the event in Thailand. With the H.Spectrum+ networking event held in June, CrossBond has visited Thailand several times this year, and this time, we have joined CrossBond’s team members to meet our partners who have been working far away from us for many years, and to experience the “heat” of Thailand, and also the small package marketing strategy in Thailand.
We look forward to leading the team to visit various ASEAN and Indian countries in the future, all of which will become the energy and strength for the team to keep moving forward!

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