India-Taiwan Talent Matchmaking

Never stop supporting Southeast Asian and Indian talent!

On June 14, CrossBond had the opportunity to participate in the Taiwan-India Talent Matchmaking event organized by the Indian Taipei Association. In this event, CrossBond had the chance to open a booth and speak with participants about our dedications to support their career development in Taiwan, despite the challenges they might face.

CrossBond is always dedicated to tell foreign talents about their importance in the Taiwan job market, especially given their advanced skills and international backgrounds. At this event, most of the Indian participants were skilled in engineering. Consequently, several leading companies in Taiwan, including those in electronics and IT hardware, electric vehicles, semiconductors, logistics, and more, were actively seeking Indian talent. Additionally, the event featured experts who shared insights about the Indian talent pool in Taiwan, followed by a session on attracting highly skilled foreign talent to Taiwan.

From these sessions, we could see the significance of high-skilled foreign talent and their importance in the current job market. CrossBond is very delighted to contribute to this value. We hope that through this event, we can connect more with Indian talents and support them in building promising careers in Taiwan.

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