Indonesian Batik & Songket Festival

🇮🇩2023 Batik and Songket Festival🇮🇩
The Indonesian Diaspora Network Global is a thriving network that empowers diaspora communities worldwide through its extensive network of 60 national and local chapters, with this number continuously expanding.
On October 1st, we were honored to receive an invitation from IDN Taiwan to partake in their Batik & Songket Festival 2023, a celebration of Indonesia’s National Batik Day. Batik is an Indonesian textile crafted by applying wax to create intricate patterns, while Songket is a fabric woven from silk or cotton interwoven with metallic threads, resulting in elaborate motifs. However, These textiles are not just fabrics; they are embodiments of the culture’s diversity, history, and the stories that define Indonesia’s rich heritage.

The event features an exciting fashion show competition, which showcases the diverse beauty of Indonesia’s through the lens of traditional Batik and Songket attire. Additionally, there’s a hands-on Batik do-it-yourself (DIY) session, allowing participants to experience the art of creating Batik firsthand, along with an array of delectable Indonesian cuisine at food stands.

This event has successfully captured international attention, with representatives from Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand gracing the event with their presence at the festival. CrossBond have consistently and actively participated in numerous Southeast Asian activities. Yet, our journey of discovery never ceases, especially in the multicultural tapestry of Indonesia.

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