CrossBond x Startup Terrace and Go Smart One-On-One Consultation Session

Startup teams from Malaysia consultation session with CrossBond

It’s our pleasure to be invited by Startup Terrace and GoSmart office to participate in the matchmaking session with international teams to give some consultation regarding to their business. This time we met four excellent teams from Malaysia, and share with the team our long-term commitment to bilateral business exchanges between Malaysia and Taiwan, as well as the achievements of Malaysian students in entrepreneurship and employment.

The first team, Powered By RISE, is a software supplier that focuses on the integration of smart systems for car charging devices. It can effectively integrate AI smart systems such as license plate recognition, charging, payment, and warnings when cars are parked.

The second team, the POD team, provides a new type of small loan service for banks. Food delivery services are very popular in Southeast Asia, so many people work for this industry, but it is difficult to provide formal income proof, so the POD team provides one-stop loans for these workers services, you can apply for loans online through previous platform income.

The third team, Entomal, is a team focused on green sustainability. It provides a complete solution to the food crisis and ongoing issues by raising insects to decompose food waste and produce high-protein food.

The fourth team, RewardinMe, is a software company that focuses on interactive entertainment technology. It makes it easier for brand owners to interact with consumers through the production of mini-game templates.

We are looking forward to CrossBond’s ability to provide relevant professional services and local connections in the future, and together bring outstanding Malaysian entrepreneurial teams to Taiwan, and to co-exist and co-prosper with Taiwan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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