Investing Indonesian F&B Startups, Banana King

Banana King, a new startup business on F&B which focuses on selling Indonesian style banana nugget in Taiwan. It has always been a strong connection between CrossBond and Banana King from the beginning. ✨

The journey began with PERPITA PITCH, and from there, CrossBond provided invaluable guidance, covering various aspects like marketing in Taiwan, building a strong brand presence, modifying packaging and logos, and facilitating the establishment of Banana King. It’s been truly fulfilling to witness their progress from inception to the actual establishment of their company and the opening of a physical store. Looking ahead, they are gearing up to venture into the vibrant world of night markets. This fusion of Taiwanese bananas and Indonesian flavors promises to bring the unique tastes of Indonesia to Taiwan, a delightful culinary crossroads. 🇮🇩🇹🇼

As a form of trust and support, we also signed investment agreement. We are hoping that Banana King could develop and grow bigger in expanding their value.

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