NCCU Thai Students Association is Partnering with CrossBond

CrossBond X NCCU THSA✨

As a new established Thai Students association in NCCU, NCCU TSA has consist Thai students from various background including political science, business and so much more. We are honored to have NCCU TSA to take part in our talents program. Thank You Bhumipat and Ryu as the representative of NCCU TSA for visiting our office and for helping us through the publications, sharing and networking for job vacancies and networking events for Thai Students. It is such an amaizing opportunities for both CrossBond and NCCU TSA to build a mutual cooperation. Looking forward to future innovation between both parties.

This MOU signing transcends mere symbolism; it serves as the launchpad for a collaborative journey characterized by growth, innovation, and expanded horizons. We want to convey our deep appreciation for the opportunities that have paved our way to this cooperation!

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