NTUISA X CrossBond MOU Signing

CrossBond x NTU Indonesian Students Association 🇮🇩

The exciting moment we celebrate today with the signing of the MOU sets us off on a brand new adventure. This journey is all about discovering the hidden talents within the National Taiwan University Indonesia Student Association (NTUISA). Their upcoming plans involve crafting a delightful mix of events that perfectly align with Crossbond’s mission of fostering connections. As partners, we’re genuinely thrilled to chip in and help bring these fantastic ideas to life. This collaboration holds the potential to create richer experiences and brighter opportunities for both students and businesses.

This MOU Signing isn’t just a formality; it’s the beginning of a journey filled with teamwork, growth, and pushing our boundaries. We’re truly thankful for the chances that have led us to this point, and we’re absolutely stoked about the journey ahead. Together, let’s dive into this transformative adventure and make it something to remember!

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