OCAC Overseas Compatriot Student Counseling & Guidance Seminar 2023

2023 OCAC Overseas Compatriot Student Counseling & Guidance Seminar

We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to partner with OCAC in organizing the 2023 OCAC Overseas Compatriot Student Counseling & Guidance Seminar. A total of 104 schools and 131 Overseas Compatriot Counseling staff came together to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collectively enhance the efforts in Overseas Compatriot Counseling, with the aim of nurturing more talents.

In line with OCAC’s vision, the goal of retaining 47,000 overseas Chinese students in Taiwan by 2030 is of utmost importance. To achieve this, the government is actively considering relaxing restrictions on laws and regulations, strengthening scholarship and work-study programs, and thoroughly studying the optimization of legal frameworks to encourage students to stay in Taiwan. The positive impact of these initiatives is evident in the approval of approximately 50,000 applications to work in Taiwan, with 45% of them being overseas Chinese students. This highlights the effectiveness of the new system in retaining this valuable demographic.

This event facilitated meaningful communication among seven key units, including the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, National Health Insurance Administration, National Immigration Agency, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education, Mainland Affairs Council, and the Bureau of Consular Affairs. This collaborative effort showcases a unified commitment to creating a supportive environment for the professional growth and retention of overseas Chinese students in Taiwan.

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