SEARCH 2.0 x IT Connects

Indonesian Student Career Talkshow & Mingle session

SEARCH 2.0, an event organized by PERPITA (Indonesian Overseas Chinese Student Organization in Taiwan), presents an engaging talk show and an interactive mingle session featuring esteemed speakers and mentors from various industries.

CrossBond has been granted the opportunity to mentor these Indonesian students and aid them in discovering their passions and pursuing their desired careers in Taiwan. This event enables us to connect with recent graduates and final-year students who are eagerly exploring promising career paths.

According to a comprehensive survey conducted among Indonesian students in Taiwan, a significant 80% are considering job opportunities in Taiwan. We take immense pride in the abundance of talented Indonesian students in Taiwan, who excel academically and culturally. Their proficiency in both Indonesian and Mandarin, along with their diverse cultural understanding, positions them as invaluable contributors to the future success of both Taiwan and Indonesia.🇮🇩

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