Keelung Youth Dream Factory, Keelung City Government

Encouraging the youth to start their own business, the Keelung city government started a project called the “Keelung Youth Entrepreneurship Development Program and Youth Entrepreneurial Incubator Program.” The purpose of the program is to push forward the entrepreneurship programs by utilizing the youth-friendly culture in the city and to allow passionate young entrepreneurs to achieve their dream early on. Any business that meets the qualifications is eligible to apply.


Website Building and Maintenance | User Manual

CrossBond assisted the Keelung city government with building their website for Keelung Youth Dream Factory. They wanted to create an image to encourage young ones to return to their hometown.

Through our visual design, we have successfully delivered the government’s message. We often tailor our services based on our client’s industry, need, and target audience. We also provided a website maintenance guide for our clients so they maintain it in the future.