MoonPond Stringless Mask – Free Your Ears

Red Dot Design Award recipient: Moon Pond Stringless Mask.

MoonPond was born in 2015 with the intention of improving the health and wellbeing of workers in the movie industry. In 2019, it received its product patent.

MoonPond encountered multiple hardships since the early stages. When MoonPond and Crossbond met, they overcame various barriers together from design to patent. Through a series of brand planning with Crossbond, MoonPond received a lot of guidance in marketing


Visual Design | CIS System | Market Analysis | Brand Positioning | marketing Strategy | Event Planning and Execution | Product Package Design

CrossBond helped MoonPond clearly analyze its market and designed its brand guidelines. Step by step, they’ve built a complete brand image, designed product packages, positioned its brand, built a website, and promoted products. .

CrossBond and MoonPond held and completed countless meetings and custom projects together. From brand image design, website building to product promotion and sales, our client has been satisfied with the effective results. 

Visual Design

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