National Taipei University of Technology Alumni Association

Alumni who are now leaders of various industries revisited the National Taipei University of Technology and built an alumni platform to pass down their stories and successful experiences. This closes the gap between different eras using the power of creativity and networking which also enhances the relationships between alumni and current students.


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Crossbond and National Taipei University of Technology Alumni Association are partners. We’ve put on multiple events, speaking engagements, visual designs, website building and maintenance etc.

Crossbond is experienced in planning business and alumni related events, especially in professional speaking engagement, relationship building, and business culture. Our services include customizing event details, picking event location, and renting equipment.

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Taipei University Alumni Experience Torch Passing

Taipei University invites alumni back that are magnate or well-known in the industry and share their life experiences and advice to currently enrolled students, in hopes of motivating and broaden their horizon.

Event Recap Video