Shih Chien University-International Career Development Workshop

During the winter vacation and Chinese New Year holiday, Shih Chien University and CrossBond planned a four-day “2021 International Career Development Workshop” for international students who cannot return to their hometowns. We hope to maximize their holidays by cultivating opportunities and exchanging ideas among international youths. Besides academic knowledge, they will also learn about Taiwanese industries from many aspects and enhance their career exploring options and abilities.


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The four-day English camp included various course types and tours such as t.Hub and Linkou Startup Terrace. These events led overseas students from education to employment, creativity to entrepreneurship, and other multi-faceted courses. By visiting various well-known entrepreneurial fields, government agencies, and well-known enterprises, students had the opportunity to experience the working culture in Taiwan and even received internship opportunities. With three career training workshops, six career sharing sessions, and five company tours, the boot camp served overseas students the full career development journey to prepare for their career in Taiwan!

Event Handbook

International Career Development Workshop Agenda

Day 1

  • Orientation
  • Effective Presentation and Communication
  • Elevator Pitch and Personal Branding
  • Taipei City Council (Led by City Counselor 徐巧芯)

Day 2

  • Resume Building and Critique
  • AWS Educate 
  • Why is LinkedIn so Important? 
  • 1111 Job Bank
  • Overseas Chinese Culture and Education Foundation

Day 3

  • Workplace Etiquette 
  • How to be Employed in Taiwan
  • Linkou Startup Terrace
  • tokuyo

Day 4

  • Career Exploration
  • Office of the President Republic of China
  • t.Hub
  • Industry Trends in Taiwan

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