Proud to take part in IoT Service Hub Can Help

IoT Service Hub Can Help: Turning Ideas into Products!

The IoT Service Hub plays a crucial role in assisting companies throughout their IoT journey. Over the past five years, it has built a strong service team consisting of industry experts and players, and has supported more than 400 start-up teams. 

CrossBond is proud to have been involved in organizing the “IoT Service Hub Can Help: Turning Ideas into Products!” International Seminar. Leveraging our extensive experience in the ASEAN and Indian markets, we have successfully invited exceptional start-up teams, international accelerator partners, and esteemed domestic and international guests to join us. 

Together, we aim to showcase the accomplishments of the Internet of Things Smart Manufacturing Base over the past four years, highlight the vitality of Taiwan’s ICT industry chain, foster connections with Taiwan’s smart technologies, and expand our services globally.

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