International Career Development Workshop – Shih Chien University

The four-day English camp consists of various course types and company tours such as T.hub and Linkou Startup Terrace. These led overseas students from education to employment, creativity to entrepreneurship, and other multi-faceted courses. By visiting various well-known entrepreneurial fields, government agencies, and well-known enterprises, students had the opportunity to experience the working culture in Taiwan and apply for internships. With three career training workshops, six career sharing sessions, and five company tours, the boot camp served the international students a well-rounded career development journey to prepare for their career in Taiwan!

Marketing Online Course for Students in Malaysia

Upon invitation from the Ministry of Labor from the Malaysian Government, CrossBond taught Malaysian students three-hour marketing online classes every night for two weeks. The classes include  but not limited to the following topics: Branding, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Design, Website Building, Photography and so on. 

TXA Private Board

CrossBond planned and executed a series of startup workshops for TXA Private Advisory Board. We invited founders and managers from well-known companies to act as our advisory board while the startup teams present their pitch. These series of events provided teams valuable feedback on their business model, business operations, and presentation skills, but most importantly, it has prepared them to step foot in the real world.