ASEAN Theme night


【WuPaoChun Bakery Founder】Wu Pao Chun

Topic: The Partnership Story between the Worldwide Award Winning Bakery and Singapore    Businesses

【STARTBOARD Consultant】陳永乾 

Topic: Taiwan – The Best Environment for Entrepreneurship

【Qsearch Founder】周世恩

Topic: How Taiwanese Startups Expand to Singapore Market and Work with the Government 

【ZUZU Hospitality Solutions Taiwan Market CEO】謝怡瑩

Topic: How Singapore Startups Expand to Taiwan and Ways to Face Challenges 

Special Guests:

【Taipei Bar Association Vice Chairman ASEAN Representative】俞伯璋 


【Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce Thailand Chairman】Stanley Kang

Thailand Business Market Analysis

【Louis Consultants】俞伯璋

Risk Analysis and Case Studies for Taiwanese Startups Expanding to Thailand 

【Yallvend Founder】黃建堯

Taiwanese Brand Expanding to Thailand – Revolution of Vending machine台

【Taiwan Legislator】余宛如立法委員



【 Vietnam Startup Foundation (VSF)商務長】 Mandy Nguyen

Welcome Speech


Taiwanese Brand Expanding to Vietnam: Operation in Vietnam Market

【NCTV Assistant】阮氏眉

Vietnamese E-commerce and Press: Expanding to Vietnamese Market

【Vietnam Student Council Vice President】 Mr. Dee

Vietnamese Talents in Taiwan: Taiwanese and Vietnamese Business Partnership and Talent Advantages 

【Innoviz Founder】阮清彰

Vietnamese Startup Opportunities and Challenges in Taiwan 

Startup Resource Sharing 

We work closely with the startup community and hold various types of educational workshops and sharing. The events expose entrepreneurs to the newest trends and business opportunities, which stimulate creative thinking among the community. 

Taipei Tech University Experience Sharing 

Taipei Tech experience sharing series invites alumni who are senior managers or magnates to share their stories in hopes to inspire students and pass on their legacy. The events have broaden horizons, provide valuable connections, and increase the cohesion between alumni. Taipei Tech University also hope that students who graduate in the future would also give back to the community one day, tightening the alumni network with the school.

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Private Advisory Board Simulation Conference

The Advisory Board consists of founders and managers from various well-known companies. The purpose of the board simulation is to provide startups guidance and mentorship on their business before they step foot in the market. The event not only prevents startups from making fatal mistakes, it trains presentation skills, expands business connections, and directs them to the right resources.