2024 Taiwan-Philippines Startup Exchange Program

2024 Taiwan-Philippines Startup Exchange Program

CrossBond In collaboration with Yawan Startup Terrace, QBO Innovation Hub Philippines, and Ateneo de Manila University, will hold the “2024 Taiwan-Philippines Startup Exchange Program” which aims to facilitate bilateral soft landings between Taiwan and the Philippines! Bringing together the country’s startup community, VCs, government, and enterprises to explore abundant opportunities.

Due to the projected continuous growth of the Philippine economy in 2024, it has become an attractive destination for global companies aiming to expand their market reach in Southeast Asia.
The country’s abundant young population, strong consumer market, and skilled workforce, combined with stable economic growth and a GDP growth rate surpassing 6%, present substantial opportunities. Moreover, the advantage of English language proficiency in the Philippines enables swift international integration, making it an even more enticing choice for businesses seeking to expand their horizons.

In response to the promising economic landscape, we are excited to announce an exclusive startup exchange program. This initiative will consist of two sessions: one bringing the Taiwan team to the Philippines and the other bringing the Philippine team to Taiwan.

🏷【Session 1】 Taiwan to Philippines
📍5 Days Training in the Philippines: May 27, 2024 ~ May 31, 2024
📍Registration Deadline: May 3, 2024
📍We will conduct a Pitch Event on May 8th to select the final teams to go to the Philippines.
🌟For more information regarding the registration process and requirements: https://reurl.cc/lQVpz9

🏷【Session 2】 Philippines to Taiwan

🏷【Contact Person】
[email protected] (Vanessa Lee)

Through this exchange program, companies will undergo a five-day immersion training in the Philippines or Taiwan. They will also engage with national-level incubators, renowned investors, corporate representatives, and academic research institutions, fostering valuable interactions. This program will provide them with firsthand information on the Philippine/Taiwan startup ecosystem and policy resources. Additionally, participants will receive accommodation subsidies and enjoy free access to coworking spaces throughout their stay.

In summary, the “2024 Taiwan-Philippines Startup Exchange Program” is expected to showcase the deepening relationship between Taiwan and the Philippines in the startup industry. This initiative not only creates business opportunities but also enhances the bond between the two countries. As we gaze toward the future, our dedication to supporting entrepreneurs and fostering creativity knows no bounds. If you are one of a startup who wants to seize opportunities in the Philippines, apply now and seize your chance to expand your horizons!

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