Welcoming Startup teams from Thailand

Welcome our two healthtech startups from Thailand! 🇹🇭🙌🏻

📍iFlow Tech: A Wearable Playstation for Mental Wellbeing
✨CEO of iFlow Tech, Mr. @iflow_tech Krit

📍Bederly: A Smart Bed with Adjustable Positions
✨CEO of Bederly, Mr. Khun Paisan

We are glad to have our friend join the meeting:
✨Chairman’s Special Assistant of Taiwan Venture Capital Association, Mr. Solid Sie

Thailand’s startup ecosystem has always been the focus of attention, with the government policy, technological innovation, and a strong startup community, which has inspired the innovation potential of numerous startup teams. 
During this meeting, we discussed market trends, opportunities in the innovation field, company establishment and visa application in both countries, etc. We are honored that iFlow Tech and Bederly were selected as the finalists of the H. Spectrum+ 2023 Project Phoenix and participated in the Demo Day in Taiwan. We are excited about the prospect of many more international startups making their way to Taiwan in the future! 🌏🚀

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