According to the Ministry of Education, there are around 40,000 students studying abroad in 2019. To compare with that in 2015, the number has increased 8% in these 5 years. Traveling alone overseas itself is not easy let alone studying in a foreign country for a period of time. WillStudy has an insight into some of the problems we might encounter when applying for schools and after studying abroad. Today, WillStudy has successfully helped 2000+ students with the title of the best startup by U-Start, Ministry of Education in 2019.


Bill, the founder of WillStudy, found that the information is inadequate for Taiwan students when they prepare for applying to study abroad. Difficulties might be encountered both before and during application preparation, and the services of consultants are unable to meet the specific needs of each student. They anticipate that they could share what they have and what they experienced. Hence, they established WillStudy in 2019, committed to create a domestic study abroad ecosystem. It provides information integration before going abroad, resource matching in preparation, and assistance in arriving in the country you study abroad. WillStudy look forward to becoming a platform which can allow Taiwanese students to get more contact and information to study abroad.


The official website of WillStudy contains different types of columns, including life of studying abroad, sharing of people with experience abroad, interviews with overseas career figures, and travel selections, the content of each article can bring great help to students planning to go abroad. In addition, WillStudy established one-on-one alumni consultation platform for studying abroad, which includes more than 280+ consultants, students can consult for different discipline clusters, degrees, and industries. With personal experience of specially assigned person, they can much deeply realize how to prepare and what to encounter when they study abroad.


In this era, the ways of apply for schools overseas have changed drastically. Instead of facing consultants in an agency, WillStudy has opened our eyes with the new method of online consulting and other self-help access to another dimension of studying abroad. CrossBond, also known as a company that helps companies expand their business overseas, is very glad to see more Taiwanese talents going abroad. CrossBond definitely has foreseen a bright future with the trend of studying abroad.


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